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What We Do

Sectors of Activities in Indonesia & Timor-Leste

 Handicap International employs its professional and organizational competencies in the following sectors of activity:
• Support to civil society
• Inclusive local development
• Physical Rehabilitation
• Disaster Risk Reduction
• Inclusive Education 

These sectors are implemented through different projects in the field:


Advocating for Changes Project in IndonesiaOverall objective:
To contribute to ensuring the effective promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities in national and provincial development processes and dialogue, by Disabled People’s Organizations, in Indonesia
Specific objective:
DPOs in Aceh, NTT and Yogyakarta provinces reinforce the action of the disability movement at national level by developing coordinated and concerted actions to promote the implementation of the UNCRPD into governmental bodies and non state actors.
Targeted areas: Aceh, Yogyakarta and NTT
* Aceh: ITMI, Pertuni, Pertapi, FKPCTI, Gerkatin, NPCI, PPDI, HWDI,YVG
* Java: WKCP-Wahana Keluarga Cerebral Palsy, Fosdis-Yayasan untuk Kemandirian Penyandang Cacat, SIGAB-Sasana, Intergrasi dan Advokasi Difabel, OSPC-Organisasi Sosial Penyandang Cacat, Gerkatin Yogyakarta
* NTT:KKTNK, Permata NTT, Persani NTT, Pertuni NTT, GKTE
Source of Funding: BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Development Cooperation)
Expected Results:
* DPOs in Aceh Yogyakarta and NTT provinces have improved their knowledge and tools to plan and implement effective advocacy and awareness-raising on inclusive service-delivery (health, education and social protection) and the UNCRPD.
* At provincial level DPOs have implemented advocacy activities promoting disability inclusion in local planning, budgeting processes and disability legislation linked to the implementation of the UNCRPD.
* Good practices developed during the implementation with a focus on inclusive service-delivery policies (health, education and social protection) have effectively been shared within the disability movement and relevant stakeholders at provincial, national and regional levels.
Advocating for Changes Project in Timor-LesteObjective:
The project aims to support the effective implementation of the National Disability Policy of Timor-Leste. It involves Ministries and civil society actors working with and for people with disabilities in the development of a National Action Plan and the establishment of advocacy and oversight mechanisms.
Source of Funding: BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Development Cooperation)
Expected Results:
* Action plans have been designed by the MSS to implement the National Disability Policy, developed with active participation of people with disabilities.
* Advocacy and oversight mechanisms for the National Disability Policy involving civil society organizations have been identified and set up (national disability council).
* Good practices on national disability action planning and oversight have effectively been shared within the disability movement and relevant stakeholders at regional and national level.
Main Activities:
* Provide technical support to MSS for the designing of Action Plan, the set-up of multi stakeholders task force as disability council and to promote the UNCRPD signature and ratification.
* Undertake workshops in order to synergize all actors concerned (institutional and from civil society) in the action plan process.
* Provide to DPO and CSO disability related trainings and small grants to raise their advocacy skill and oversight roles.
Physical Rehabilitation Project in Aceh, Indonesia
To facilitate access to rehabilitation care for people with disabilities, reducing environmental barriers, and to improve provision of rehabilitation care for people with disabilities in 10 districts.
* To ensure that provincial health insurance covers rehabilitation care for the indigent people with disabilities.
* To identify mechanisms for the reimbursement of costs incurred for people with disabilities at the community level.
Locations: Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Aceh Tengah, Bener Meriah, Bireuen, Aceh Utara and Pidie
Local Partners:
* Dinas Kesehatan Prov. Aceh
* Dinas Kesehatan Kota Banda Aceh
* Dinas Kesehatan Kab. Aceh Besar
* Dinas Kesehatan Kab. Aceh Tengah
* Dinas Kesehatan Kab. Bener Meriah
* 1 Puskesmas in Kota Banda Aceh
* 2 Puskesmas in Aceh Besar
* 9 Puskesmas in Aceh Tengah
* 9 Puskesmas in Bener Meriah
* RSU (Rumah Sakit Umum) Zainoel Abidin Banda Aceh
* RSIA (Rumah Sakit Ibu & Anak Banda Aceh
* RS (Rumah Sakit) Meurexa Banda Aceh
* RS (Rumah Sakit) Jantho Aceh Besar
* RS (Rumah Sakit) Kesdam Banda Aceh
* RSUD (Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah) Datu Beru, Takengon, Aceh Tengah
* IFI (Ikatan Fisioterapis Indonesia) Prov. Aceh
* IBI (Ikatan Bidan Indonesia) Prov. Aceh
* Himpunan Wanita Disabilitas Indonesia (HWDI) Prov. Aceh
Source of Funding: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg
Expected Results:
* A system of identification and referral of PwDs is operational in the intervention areas.
* A technical rehabilitation platform/unit is functionning at all levels (Puskesmas / sub district hospitals, district hospitals, provincial hospital) (69 professionals trained in year 2).
* Realization of 2 sessions per year and individual meetings with members of parliament of Aceh, health authorities and policymakers to advocate for inclusion of the rehabilitation services in the health insurance for for the indigents.
* Pilot Component. In 2 pilot districts, community-based mechanisms, which promote accessibility (by covering indirect financial costs) of people with disabilities to rehabilitation services are tested and validated.
Inclusive Education Project in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
To promote access to education, and provide a positive school environment for girls and boys with disabilities in the province of NTT.
Local Partners:
* Himpunan Wanita Disabilitas Indonesia (HWDI) Prov. NTB
* Dinas Pendidikan, Pemuda, dan Olah Raga Prov. NTB
* Persatuan Penyandang Cacat Indonesia( PPCI) Prov. NTB
* Forum Komunikasi Keluarga Anak dengan Kecacatan (FKKADK) Prov. NTB
Source of Funding: 60 Millions of Girls Canadian Foundation
Expected Results:
* The identified girls and boys with disabilities who are not attending school, in the 3 sub-districts of NTB, have access to school.
* The retention in school of school children with disabilities is being ensured through the support and involvement of the mothers of the girls with disabilities, the parents in general, and the teachers of the inclusive schools with which the project is working.
* The leadership and participation capacities of girls with disabilities are being promoted and strengthened in order to ensure their chances of achievement at school.
Inclusive Education Project in Dili, Aileu, and Lautem, Timor-LesteSpecific Objectives:
To increase the number of children with disabilities attending regular schools and increasing the number of teachers with skills in inclusive education and disability related issues in regular schools.This project is implemented in Consortium with Plan International and Ministry of Education in Timor-Leste.
Expected results:
* Assessment of access to regular school for children with disabilities plus data collection.
* Awareness raising and advocacy activities on inclusive education.
* Capacity building for teachers, headmasters, parents of children with and without disabilities, and children with and without disabilies.
Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Project in East Nusa Tenggara, IndonesiaOverall Objective:
To increase resilience and reduce vulnerability in local communities and institutions through sustainable mechanism that enable most vulnerable groups to better prepare for, mitigate and respond to natural disasters
Specific Objective:
To strengthen the disaster resilience of most vulnerable groups (women, children and persons with disabilities) in NTT province by transferring knowledge and skills for effective inclusive CBDRR programs to local actors
Locations: Kota Kupang, Kab. Kupang, Kab. Malaka, and Kab. Belu
* TAGANA – Dinas Sosial Prov. NTT
* Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah (BPBD) Prov. NTT
* Dinas Sosial Kota Kupang
* Dinas Sosial Kab. Belu
* TAGANA – Dinas Sosial Malaka
* BPBD Kab. Timor Tengah Selatan
* Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) Prov. NTT
* CIS Timor
* Plan International
* Care International
Source of Funding: ECHO
Expected Results:
* Support to local institutions in NTT to include the rights of the most vulnerable groups into their annual budget and programs.
* Inclusive CBDRR (Community Based Disaster Risk) actions in schools and communities.
* Advocacy for Inclusive DRR at national level.{

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