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HI supports Yogyakarta Municipality Government to be Inclusive City

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To support Yogyakarta towards an Inclusive City, Handicap International signs an MoU with the Mayor of Yogyakarta regarding the implementation of AFC (Advocating for Change) Project funded by European Union in 3 pilot kelurahan (wards) in Yogyakarta Municipality. This event was held on Monday 17 October 2016 and was successfully attracted 15 journalists from local and national online and print newspapers. It began with a press conference at the mayor’s office, and was followed up with the MoU signing. The signing is important to be the legal foundation for the project acitivities. The 3 pilot areas—namely Cokrodiningratan, Baciro, and Kadipaten—were selected because these kelurahan have some people with disabilities who have active potential to participate actively in the society, as well as supportive local governments. During its 3-year-implementation, AFC Project will target marginalized groups, namely women, poor people, and people with disabilities. 

By : Dian Maya Safitri – Country Coordinator Assistant/Handicap International Indonesia and Timor-Leste Programme

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