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Handicap International - Recipient of Hilton Humanitarian Prize 2011

Latest News

US-SWITZERLAND-FOOD-CANDY-HEALTHIndonesia Has Lost $7b From Non-Communicable Diseases: Health Minister i
Tuesday, 25 August 2015
Jakarta. Non-communicable diseases have cost the Indonesian economy some $7 billion over the last four years for treatment and the loss of productivity, a...
Classroom testing New Rule Ends ‘Modified’ Tests For Students With Disabilities
Tuesday, 25 August 2015
The U.S. Department of Education is doing away with a policy that allowed states to consider some students with disabilities academically proficient without...
A boy Boy, nine, fitted with first prosthetic hand that can change grip with gestures
Monday, 24 August 2015
A nine-year-old boy, born with his right arm missing from the elbow, can build Lego, eat with a knife and fork and pull up his trousers for the first time...
Job center Disabled teenagers are easily lost in a welfare state cut to the bone
Tuesday, 18 August 2015
Against the backdrop of this month’s jubilant A-level and GCSE results, 17-year-old Sanjeev Singh provides a different picture of what it is to be young in...
Natalia VodianovaDisabled Discrimination Incident in Russia Reflects Endemic Problem, Experts Say
Friday, 14 August 2015
A high-profile incident in which Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova's sister, who has autism and cerebral palsy, was made to leave a cafe for “scaring off...

Recent Acivities

SeptemberHandicap International Indonesia and Timor- Leste Program Joint French National Day Commemoration in Dili
Thursday, 23 July 2015
Handicap International Indonesia and Timor- Leste program (HI) joint the French Institute in Timor- Leste to celebrate French national day on 14th of July...
June Artikels pictureAdvocating for Change Project’s Workshop on Lesson Learned Dissemination
Monday, 27 April 2015
Handicap International Indonesia & Timor- Leste Program conducted a workshop on Advocating for Change (AFC) project on the 21-22 April 2015. This workshop...
Inclusive Education workshopInclusive education workshop in Nusa Tenggara Timur
Friday, 27 March 2015
One of Handicap International’s project is Inclusive Education, a project for increasing participation and reducing exclusion, in a way that effectively...
MoU SigningThe Installation of Infrastructure Accessibility in Plembutan Village Office
Friday, 23 January 2015
As a continuation of accessibility training provided in Desa Plembutan, Handicap International and local goverment of Desa Plembutan have signed partnership...
Training AccessibilityAccessibility Training in Desa Plembutan
Monday, 19 January 2015
Advocating for Change Project of Handicap International Indonesia conducted accessibility training in Desa Plembutan and Kecamatan Playen of district Gunung...

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